Monday, February 22, 2010

Attika Campaign: Mission 4

Here's the last mission in the Attika Campaign. Chaos is running rampant in the streets of the holy city, searching for artifacts and the precious gene seed.

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Mission Set 4 - Fighting in the City Streets.

No matter what the outcome of the battle at the Temple City Walls, some chaos forces eventually make it inside the city gates. Once inside they move swiftly to seize control of the city, the temples and the artifact vaults. Most importantly, control of the city will give them time to find and secure the entrances to the underground complex storing the space marine gene seed.

Players should again pair off against each other. These missions should be played at 1000 points. Mission type is Sector Control (see below) with Dawn of War deployment. Opponents dice off to see who deploys and goes first.

Just like the Mission Set 1, players in each game should keep track of the number of objectives they control at the end of the game. Once all the games have been played add up the objectives won by the chaos and imperial side. Whichever side controlled more wins the campaign.

Sector Control - After choosing sides and deploying troops, divide the table into quarters. Players take turns placing a total of four objectives, starting with the player who deployed first. There may only be one objective in each quarter, and objectives must be twelve inches away from the edge of the board and all other objectives. All other rules follow the Seize Ground basic mission.

Remember that the side that won Mission 3 gains the Reinforcements special rule for the games they play. Note that this is slightly different than the Apocalypse Replacements strategic asset.

Reinforcements - Once a game when a unit from a troops choice is killed that unit may immediately be put into reserves. When they arrive the controlling player must bring them in from his table edge, they may not deep strike or outflank. Dedicated transports do not count for determining if the troops choice is destroyed, and do not come back with the reinforcements.

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