Sunday, February 14, 2010

WIP: Ork Runtherd

A while back a orc boar chariot went by me and I snagged a spear and arms off it. I knew when I saw them they had to become a grot-prod. Last night I finally got a chance to add the arms to an ork model and put the rest of the fiddly bits on him. Here's how he came out.

The power cable is just an old guitar string. I know that other people use special power cables from Dragon Forge Design and I'm curious how their stuff compares to simple guitar string in terms of workability. Cost-wise guitar string is definitely cheaper, but it's pretty stiff and you have to sort of kink it to get any sort of curve.

The backpack is just a battery from an imperial guard lascannon heavy weapons team. The bit sticking out the top is a piece of flamer. I think either from an old sentinel or a leman russ.

I'm pretty happy with the little guy. If the rain here ever lets up I'll get some primer on him and see what he looks like painted.

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