Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attika Campaign: Mission 3

Mission three for the Attika Campaign. This was an apocalypse sized game. We ended up with Abbadon's Black Crusade leading a demon force against defending imperial guard, dark angels, and witchhunters backed up by a baneblade and stormlord. After some brutal carnage, the imperial forces barely managed to eek out a victory, holding the line against the chaos incursion.

Here is mission 2 and mission 1.

Mission Set 3 - Temple City Walls

Kept within the vaults of the Temple City are numerous tomes and artifacts of ancient lore. Seizing these alone would be reason enough for the forces of chaos to attack a planet. The greatest prize, though, lies miles below the surface: gene seed which can be used to bolster the ranks of the chaos many times over. With all the chaos forces converging on the walled city, the defenders have rallied to keep them out.


This is an apocalypse mission played at 3000 points. Each side should divide the points evenly amongst its players.

If the chaos forces win this battle they have broken the city defenses and will pour unchecked into the city. If the imperials win they have broken the chaos advance and allowed time for further reinforcements to arrive. In either case, the side that wins will be allowed Reinforcements in the next mission. In the case of a tie the furious battle has taken its toll on both forces and neither receives Reinforcements.

Reinforcements - Once a game when a unit from a troops choice is killed that unit may immediately be put into reserves. When they arrive the controlling player must bring them in from his table edge, they may not deep strike or outflank. Dedicated transports do not count for determining if the troops choice is destroyed, and do not come back with the reinforcements.

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