Monday, February 8, 2010

Tyranid Emergence

I'm a little bit late to the party, but I've put together a scenario that fits in with this month's FTW collaborative post topic: Tyranids.

Battles to defend against ravening tyranid hordes are the norm. Nothing stirs up faith in the emperor like a sea of teeth and talons. But what about when the poor bugs are just minding their own business? What about after the epic battles are over? I imagine there's still a lot of cleanup work after a hive fleet has been driven off.

This scenario pits an attacking force against a swarm of tyranids that have been hiding underground. The attacker's goal is to seal the burrows the tyranids are using to get to the surface. The tyranids are trying to escape so they can spread to other parts of the planet. The game is probably best played at 1500 to 2000 points. It would also work to replace tyranids with necrons or orks. In this case they'd be emerging from crypts or caves instead of swarming from their nests. The scenario could also be easily modified as a planetstrike variant.

Setup: The defender places d3+2 objectives on the table. The first objective is placed in the center of the table. All other objectives are placed no closer than 12" to another objective, and no closer than 18" to any table edge.

Deployment: The defender deploys as many of their units as they want so that each unit has a model within 6" of an objective marker, and does not have a model closer than 12" to a table edge. The attacking player sets up second and gets the first turn. The defender may attempt to seize the initiative. Units under the attacking player's control can be setup within 12" of any table edge.

Special Rules:
  • Shut that Hole: Each objective marker counts as an AV 11 stationary vehicles that can only be damaged in close combat. Any glancing or penetrating hit destroys the marker. Once destroyed remove it from the board. The attacker scores one victory point every time this happens.
  • The Swarm Emerges: Whenever a defending unit comes on from reserves it must deploy using an objective marker as though it was a table edge. Any unit that deploys using deep strike rules may deploy within 6" of an objective marker without scattering. If a defending unit is forced to fall back towards a table edge then treat the nearest objective marker as the nearest table edge.
  • Spread the Swarm: At the end of the defender's movement phase any non-flying troop choice defending units control that have at least one model in base contact with a table edge may be removed from the board. The defending player scores one victory point every time this happens.
  • Without Number: Non flying troop choice defending units that get destroyed or move off the table edge are placed in reserves.
Victory Conditions: Determine the last turn of the game as you would for a Capture and Control mission. The winner at the end of the game is the player with the most victory points. Note that the game automatically ends when the last objective is removed from the board, or the defender scores more victory points than the number of objectives at the start of the game.

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