Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tau Battlesuits

Hot(ish) on the heels of my last post, I've managed to get three Tau Battlesuits to completion.

This brings my fledgling Tau force to:
  • 3 Battlesuits
  • 6 Stealthsuits
  • 2 Drones
I have a half dozen or so drones that came with the battlesuits that still need assembly and painting, and also all the weapons for the battlesuits.  The full set is magnetized so I can swap around for whatever loadout I like.  Magnetizing them all also had the side benefit of making it easy to prime them all at once

All the weapons should get knocked out in a few hours.  I can spend that time deciding on the next Tau piece to add to the collection.  I'm thinking either a Riptide or Stormsurge to serve as a centerpiece for the rest of the army.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Been Painting

Despite the lack of activity on the blog, I have in fact been paying some attention to my hobby work. It's been sporadic, but I've manage to get paint on a dozen miniatures in the last few months.  I like the results and wanted to share them here.

First up is Azrael for Warhammer 40K.  Occasionally a buddy and I team up and combine our Dark Angel forces.  We both usually run Belial as our Warlord when not teamed up, but taking two Belials in one force feels a little silly.  Now I have an alternate warlord that provides some serious buffing to whatever unit he joins.

A new Khador miniature to go along with the rest of the band.  He's actually been done since last year and has even seen combat since he got paint.  I see in the picture there's a tiny spot of blue on his base in the back. I'll have to fix that up.

I've owned the Rask model for a while, but was inspired to get him painted up when some friends of mine started started playing the Hordes RPG.  I've got a half painted Bull Snapper to go along with him and I have yet to use either of them in any sort of game.

Getting Rhyas finished brings me that much closer to being able to field the Legion of Everblight army that I've always wanted to have. Rhyas has a theme force that lets you run blighted ogrun, typhon and a whole bunch of other cool models with lots of synergies.

Tau stealthsuits!  There's one missing from the picture.  These guys were an experiment in a particular color scheme and painting technique.  I like the results and they deserve a separate post detailing how I did them up, if for no other reason than so I can keep track of what paints I used on them.  There's also a trio of battlesuits that are half finished that will be joining the fight for the greater good.

Warhammer Fantasy army work. I really like the color scheme on these guys.  The witch hunter model was Finecast, which I'll never do again. Thank goodness Games Workshop seems to be phasing that out. This is part of a larger army that a friend and I are putting together.  My half of the force has a steam tank, master engineer and 18 more swordsmen on top of what you see here.  The release of Age of Sigmar as opposed to a proper new Warhammer Fantasy edition has muted our enthusiasm for the project. We do plan to try the new rules at some point but it's not a high priority with all the 40K work that we have on our plates.