Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Page Dungeon Contest

Like I said in my first post, this blog isn't just about Warhammer 40K. I'm also an avid roleplay gamer. Over at the Cartographer's Guild they're running a contest for one page dungeons. My entry is Tower of Light, Tunnel of Stone.
The map was created with the Wizards of the Coast Dungeon Tile Mapper. You can use it to get a bigger version of my map. I should note that I've made some hand edits to the tower sections, specifically to the placement and number of stairs. Just cut and paste the code below when you select Import New from the Tile Mapper's toolbox menu.

The adventure was mainly designed to be used in a fantasy setting, but since it's not tied to a particular system it could easily be used as a Rogue Trader adventure by replacing the monsters in the encounter with something setting appropriate.


  1. That's a cracking little dungeon. Having just got back into Heroquest, the link you provided has just gone straight into my bookmarks.

    Cheers matey!

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