Saturday, February 6, 2010

WIP: Warhound Turbo-Laser

One of the projects I'm working on concurrently with my razorback is a turbo-laser for my chaos warhound. The barrels are made half inch PVC pipe and the tip is from the narrow end of a one inch to half inch reducer coupling. The rear housing is a modified build of the megabolter housing from some warhound plans I found online (In the interest of giving credit where it's due you can find the plans here). It's just made out of a cut up cereal box. The PVC pipe I've got is a bit softer and easier to work with than the standard rigid stuff you find at the hardware store. It's called Vanguard PEX tubing and it submits to being easily carved and shaped with a hobby knife, but it's still rigid enough the barrels don't droop. It probably wouldn't be appropriate to use it for anything that needs to support weight, but when I go back and add some detailing to the barrels I'll be able to carve directly into them.

With the main build-out and housing done the next stage is to put in some detailing. I'm thinking a vent or two. Some wire running the length of barrels and a chaos symbol spread across the top and side of the housing. Also some plates and rivets so it looks more like an armored weapon than a cardboard box.

Once this prototype is done I'll use the cardboard housing as a template to redo the housing in more durable plasticard or thin masonboard.

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