Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road To Glory: Army Lists for Battles 3 and 4

Tonight we get down and dirty with Missions 3 of the Road to Glory campaign. If we have time we're going to attempt to do mission 4 as well.

Here are the army lists I'll be using.
  • Abaddon (275)
  • 5 Chaos Marines in a rhino champion with power fist (150)
  • 5 Thousand Sons & Sorceror with doombolt (185)
  • Defiler (150)
  • Land Raider possessed (240)
Both missions are objective based, and I'm going a little bit light on scoring units. Compared to last week I'm a bit more mobile and everything has an armored shell around it. This could be good or bad since I'm sure the ork mechaniks have been hard at work fitting deffrollas to everything. Abaddon and the thousand sons are tasked with bringing the pain and securing a remote objective. The chaos marines will secure their own objective and act as a delaying force/bait. The Defiler is in charge of objective denial and artillery.

If we have time we're going to go on and play the fourth mission. Here's the list I'll be using for that.
  • Same as above (1000)
  • 3 Bikes champion with power fist and two meltas (159)
  • 5 more chaos marines and plasma gun (90)
Same objectives as the first list. The addition of the bikes will give me some fast anti vehicle, allow me to contest late in the game or finish off a unit in assault.

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