Monday, March 22, 2010

Campaign Battle Report: Road to Glory Battle 3

The third battle in the Roady to Glory campaign is supposed to represent the attacker's attempt to break through the defender's front lines. In probably the shortest battle report I have ever written, here are the results.

The chaos army list can be found in this post.

Ork Army List
  • Warboss with mega-armor, cybork and power klaw (135)
  • Warboss with warbike, cybork and power klaw (135)
  • 20 Boyz led by nob with power klaw and bosspole (160)
  • Trukk (35)
  • Battle Wagon with deff-rolla (110)
  • 5 Mega Nobz (200)
  • 5 Nob Bikerz (225)
The game was Capture and Control with Pitched Battle deployment. As the winner of the last game, chaos was able to decide that the orks got the first turn.

Turn 1
The orks gave it everything they had. Abandoning their defence lines, they raced forward to get to grips with the chaos interlopers as quickly as possible. Chaos rose to the challenge on their turn. Everyone got out of the land raider, which focused all it's armament on the trukk, destroying it. After the Thousand sons poured fire into the bikerz, Abaddon and the defiler charged into them. One quick but vicious assault round later, some bikerz and the warboss were dead, and the defiler had exploded. Fearing the continued attentions of Abaddon, the bikerz fled.

Turn 2
The battlewagon raced forward to get its boyz into combat, but with a loud ker-chunk, immobilized itself on a piece of terrain. The boyz piled out anyways and sort of jogged towards the melee in the middle. Seeing Abaddon standing out in the open all alone, the meganobz shot at and assaulted him. Luck was not on their side and Abaddon handily won that combat as well, killing the warboss and sending the one surviving nob fleeing for his life. In the chaos turn, the rhino moved towards an objective, but it turned out to be unnecessary. The Thousand Sons and Abaddon shot down a few boyz, then Abaddon charged in, killed half of the remainder and sent the rest fleeing.

With all the orks units fleeing from the table with no chance of rallying, we called the game. Chaos Wins.

Final Thoughts
Abaddon cleaned up. This strikeds a chord with a post on From the Warp about the unbalancing power of some special characters in games. Abaddon certainly unbalanced this game, but as we'll see in Battle 4, there are things that an opponent can do, even in lower point games, to deal with overpowered characters.


  1. I've vistited your site several times, and I'm always a little put-off by the sepia-toned pics. Nice pics bring me to blogs, and I think you do yourself a bit of an injustice to not have color pics of your minis and batreps.

    Just my opinion, brother.

  2. It's noted.

    To be honest, if I was using something other than my phone as a camera, and if I and my opponents played with nothing but painted miniatures I'd probably put up color pictures. The sepia tone hides these indiscretions and more. Plus it fits in with my blog colors and I like it.

    The hobby stuff I put up about painting modeling is always in color, though.

    That said, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!