Thursday, March 4, 2010

Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs. Orks

I recently got a game in against a buddy of mine. He'd just picked up some new models for his ork army, including a battlewagon (sadly no deffrolla). I brought my chaos marines since I have enough of them painted now that I was able to field an all painted army, something I haven't been able to do in years.

We both brought along 1750 points of our respective armies. Terrain placed, we rolled up a Capture and Control mission with Dawn of War deployment. Orks deployed and moved first.

Here are the army lists. Chaos is accurate and the Ork list is from memory.

Chaos Marines
  • Tzeentch Demon Prince wings, warptime, wind of chaos
  • Tzeentch Demon Prince wings, warptime, wind of chaos
  • 9 Chaos Marines khorne icon, 2 plasma guns, champion with power fist and combi plasma
  • 8 Thousand Sons and Sorceror icon, wind of chaos, meltabombs
  • 4 Bikers khorne icon, 2 plasma guns, champion with power fist
  • 7 lesser demons
  • 6 lesser demons
  • Defiler
  • Land Raider possessed, havok launcher
  • Gazhgull Thrakka
  • Warboss on bike
  • 7 Nobs on bikes
  • Squad of meganobz in battlewagon
  • Large squad of boyz
  • Large squad of boyz
  • 3 Deffkoptas
  • 3 Deffkoptas
  • 5 Lootaz in Trukk

The cunning chaos plan going in would be to come in on the flank opposite from the battlewagon, delaying when Gazhgull and his meganobz would be able to get stuck in and start killing things. The land raider would carry the thousand sons in an attempt to push through to the ork objective and the defiler would advance, shelling the large squads of boyz. Bikes, chaos marines and lesser demons were in charge of securing an objective leaving the demon princes to troubleshoot.

Turn 1: Orks took first turn and chaos refused to deploy anything during setup. Orks advanced and chaos spun onto the left flank, leaving the bikes and lesser demons in reserve. The defiler took out a big chunk of the boyz sitting in center field.

Turn 2: Orks continued their advance, wheeling to come to bear on the left flank. The lootaz jumped out of their wagon and holed up in the crater in the center. A few koptas trained their mega-blastaz on the chaos marines taking out most of the squad despite their going to ground. Chaos took some baby steps forward with the demon princes taking on the bikerz and warboss, killing many but staying locked in combat, the thousand sons piled out of the land raider and wiped out the deffkoptas. Lastly the defiler picked up a few more boyz.

Turn 3: The battlewagon raced over, dumped gazhgull and his meganobz, waaghed and ate the thousand sons for a tasty mid-game snack. The demon princes finished off the biker nobz and consolidated to the warboss, remaining locked in combat on their turn. The boyz in the center charged the last of thechaos marines and sent them to their reward. In the chaos turn the demon princes finished off the warboss and consolidated towards the squad of boyz in the back and away from Gazhgull. The land raider immobilized the battle wagon and the demon princes finish off the warboss. The bikes move on and meltagun the trukk but all the lesser demons stayed home. Good thing too since at the start of the turn there were no iconn the table for the lesser demons to use.

Turn 4: Slow and purposeful slowed Gazhgull down so he and his meganobz take some pot shots at a wounded demon prince to no effect. The lootaz poured fire into the defiler but the demon within ingored their glancing hits. However, the big 'un in the boyz squad walked over and tore the tracks off the land raider with his power klaw. The Demon princes took wing, racing towards the ork boyz edging up to the rear objective. The defiler shelled the same mob of boyz, causing them to run towards their table edge, but ending their movement standing on top of the objective, lucky them. The lesser demons finally came in and used the bike squad's icon to land within striking distance of the forward objective. The bikes raced ahead of the demons and destroyed the koptas lurking around the forward objective. Finally, the land raider ignored the power klaw stuck in its drive train and wrecks the battlewagon sitting in front of it.

Turn 5: With no other targets, Gazhgull decided to show the lootaz how its done and kicked the teeth out of the defiler. The rear boyz squad continued to flee, but did not get to the table edge or off the back objective. As a final play the lesser demons consolidated onto the forward objective and the bikes turbo-boosted over to the back objective, contesting it, which proved unnecessary as the demon princes made it to the boyz squad, pounded most of them into green paste and sweeping advanced the remnants.


Chaos wins with one objective controlled at the end of turn 5. The cunning chaos plan to punch through the ork lines didn't work perfectly. The land raider and defiler got stalled by the orks moving up the center. Still, the setup allowed me to adapt and still accomplish most of what the original plan intended. The bulk of my force stalled his army near my table edge and away from his objectives. I managed to roll up the left ork flank before the midpoint of the game and instead of the thousand sons in the land raider pushing to the rear objective the demon princes took up the slack and made it there on the last turn. Some lucky reserves rolls meant my bikes were able to put the lesser demons right where I needed them in order to secure the game winning objective. Biggest mistake of the game goes to the thousand sons who I thought were going to be screened from Gazhgull by the land raider, but I misjudged the battlewagon's threat range by a couple inches and the sneaky gits got to me. MVP goes to the tandem demon princes for taking out the nob bikers, pulling ork boyz off the rear objective and soaking tons of orky firepower.

We're planning on starting the Road To Glory campaign from the main rulebook next week, so keep an eye out for that!

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  1. It's nice to see how well the Defiler did. It seems to have been very useful against the Ork numbers.


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