Sunday, January 1, 2012

Miniatures for Sale!

It's the beginning of the year and I'm cleaning off some shelves. The first of the lots are up on Ebay so come on down and take them off my hands!

84 Night Goblins (bid here)
There are quite a lot of night goblins here. You could run them as one big horde or break them up into two smaller hordes.

4 Decal Transfer Sheets (bid here)
Do you like decal transfers on your models? I don't, but all the miniatures I buy come with them anyways. My loss is your gain! 3 space marine sheets and one chaos marine sheet.

14 Human Archers (bid here)
I have no idea who makes these miniatures, but they are humans carrying bows. They rank up nicely.
18 Orcs (bid here)
Get some orcs with double hand weapons. The command section is painted, the rest are primed. I have no idea why the orc on the left is glowing but he is! Possible chaos mutation?

If you or someone you love can give these miniatures a good home then head on over to Ebay!

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