Saturday, December 19, 2015

Painted: Devastator and Sorcha

I had a chance to finish up the base on the devastator the other evening, so Sorcha and her warjack got some time in front of the camera.

I (obviously) didn't spend a huge amount of time painting up the interior of the 'jack.  Just brass and metal and a few highlights.  Oh well, He's meant to be viewed from above or the sides anyway.

In my desire to get him finished I picked the wrong color for his side and front face markings.  Again, oh well.  They will serve the purpose until I get around to painting over them with the grey the other models use.

I really dig the grass bits by Army Painter.  These are the Highland 6mm tufts and you can buy them on Amazon here (affiliate link). I ended up having to pick up another pack because my first one got lost somewhere in the Basement of Doom.  The packs look pretty small on store shelves, but even a large base like a warjack's can't really have more than two or three tufts on it without looking crowded, so they last a really long time.  They're an especially good way to kick a very simple basing job up a notch.

So with these guys out of the way I'm down to the Bull Snapper, Harlan Versh and a pile of Tau Battlesuit weapons, and I have just shy of two weeks to wrap it all up to meet my goal.

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