Monday, December 28, 2015

Painted: Bull Snapper

2016 is rapidly approaching and I've got the Bull Snapper checked off my project list.

I don't have much use for him in a game of Warmahordes. I simply don't have enough Minions models to put together a worthwhile force. Bull Snappers aren't one of my favorite units anyways. Why take a light warbeast when you can have a heavy for twice the price? But he does look good next to Rask, and if/when I get a chance to play the Hordes version of the Iron Kingdoms RPG I'll be rocking a fish man character with attendant hungry crocodile.

Now to close out the year I just need to wrap up the Tau battlesuit weapons and finish Harlan Versh.  Versh is starting too look like a stretch goal at this point, but the battlesuit weapons just need one more line highlighting pass and they'll be set.

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