Tuesday, July 2, 2013

War Hound

Nope, not the 40K Titan,  but this guy, the first painted addition to my Khador collection.

Oh war dog, I shall name you Fluffy.

Now the task at hand is to build an army to field this guy with. At only a single point, the war dog leaves a lot of room for expansion. Let's look at making a 15 point starter list.

As a Guard Dog, Fluffy here gives the warcaster he is attached to +2 DEF vs melee attacks.  Let's capitalize on this by choosing a warcaster with an already high defense, pSorcha.  With Wind Rush she's usually running around at defense 18.  Fluffy puts her to DEF 20 vs melee, making her almost impossible for anyone to hit without access to boosted attack rolls.

Next I'm going to add a unit of Widowmakers, one of pSorcha's favorite units due to the synergy between her Fog of War spell and they Camouflage ability.  These snipers can knock off the last couple points on a column or spiral, hunt solos and kill low arm infantry.

Next up is a unit of Doom Reavers.  These help solve the problem I normally see in low point games, which is that the alpha strike can be totally devastating.  When you're only running one or two warjacks your opponent can completely cripple you by getting the first charge.  Solve this problem by keeping the doom reavers spread out.  Two or three range in front as buffers and the rest stand just back for the countercharge.  Just remember that as abominations you need to keep them away from your widowmakers and guard dog.

This leaves us with 9 points and Khador is just spoiled for 9 point jack choices.  I'm going with a Devastator.  Its ridiculously high armor value is another component to being able to absorbe an alpha strike, and it can hit hard on the charge with its POW 18 rain of death attack followed up by two POW 16 fists (which can auto-hit on the feat turn).  Another fine choice would be to use a 7 point Juggernaut and put a greylord escort in with the doom reavers if you're worried about their berserk ability getting out of hand.

So our list looks like this:
  • pSorcha
    • War Dog Attachment
    • Devastator
  • Doom Reavers
  • Widowmakers
This list gives you a good number of models on the table (13), an even more difficult to hit pSorcha than usual and a large number of powerful attacks on your warcaster's feat turn.

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