Friday, April 2, 2010

Campaign Battle Report: Road to Glory Final Battle

It was end times. One final battle remained to determine the ruler of the wasteland. The Ork horde had finally slowed chaos' seemingly relentless advance. Now chaos was regrouping and the Orks were poised to take advantage of their momentary confusion.

Chaos Army List
  • Abaddon (275)
  • Tzeentch Demon Prince with wings, warptime and wind of chaos (205)
  • Marines in Rhino
  • Thousand Sons
  • Defiler (150)
  • Land Raider
Ork Army List
  • Wazdakka (180)
  • Warboss with mega-armor, cybork, bosspole, attack squiq (130)
  • 20 Boyz led by nob with power-klaw and bosspole (160)
  • Trukk with red paint (50)
  • Battle Wagon with deff rolla, armor plates, red paint, big shoota and grott riggers (135)
  • 5 Mega Nobz (200)
  • 5 Nob Bikerz with 3 power-klaws, a painboy, waagh banner, 2 stikk bombs and all Cybork (371)
  • 7 Lootas (105)
  • 5 Deffkoptas (175)
The final battle of the Road to Glory campaign is Annihilation. Winning the last battle meant that the Orks were able to choose Pitched Battle as the deployment type. Chaos won the dice-off and chose to deploy first and take the first turn.

Turn 1
Chaos started out with a bang and a kerunch. The only movement came from the defiler edging closer to the center of the board. Masssed lascannon fire destroyed the trukk and the defiler's battlecannon landed square on the lootas in cover, killing a couple. On the ork turn, everything moved forward as fast as it could, except the lootaz who stayed in their trees, taking pot shots at the rhino. Wazdakka shot his fancy gun and managed to immoblize the defiler.

Turn 2
The chaos land raider moved back just enough to to stay out of deff-rolla range. The demon prince started to move towards the rhino in anticipation of providing counter-charge support. Chaos shooting results were slim, but a couple of bikes and a deffkopta bit the dust. The orks continued their rush forward, and the lootaz managed to put a wound on the demon prince in the shooting phase.

Turn 3
Now the battle was truly on. The land raider rolled forward and Abaddon and the Thousand Sons got out. The demon prince joined them, and together they shot up, assaulted and killed all the meganobz and their warboss. On their turn, the orks responded in kind. The lootaz and bikes shot at Abaddon, the boyz got out of the wagon and assaulted the thousand sons just as the battlewagon rammed the land raider, destroying it and catching five ork boyz in the ensuing explosion. By the end of the assault round, all the Thousand Sons were dead, and Abaddon had fallen to Wazdakka and the bike nobz in assault.

Turn 4
Looking to put the balance back in their favor, the chaos marines piled out of their rhino and assaulted the boyz, killing all but one and the nob. Struck by a bout of insane heroism, the orks stood refused to flee. The Defiler dropped it's battlecannon shell on top of the deffkoptaz, killing two. The demon prince hopped over to the battlewagon and put some hits on it, but didn't manage to do anything more than keep it from shooting the next turn. Still this was enough, because as the battlewagon turned to come about it managed to immobilize itself on the remains of the land raider, making it easy for the demon prince to finish it off in the close combat phase. Wazdakka and the bikerz came to the assistance of the boyz, leaving just two chaos marines fleeing towards the table edge.

Turn 5
With only a few assets left, chaos was looking to pick up whatever victory points it could. The rhino moved away from it's perch, and shot up the remaining nob and ork, scoring one victory point there. The demon prince launched itself at the deffkoptas, killing the last two in close combat. Finally it was down to the ork turn. With a two point deficit they needed to kill at least two of the three remaining chaos units without giving anything up in the close combat phase. Wazdakka zipped over to the defiler and used his great shooty gun to reduce the demon engine to scrap. Then it was up to the lootas to put their meager five shots into the demon prince. When the rattling dakka was finally over the smoke cleared, revealing the demon prince had failed its armor saves and been banished back to the warp.

With a roll of a die the campaign was over. Final score was 6 kill points for the orks and 6 kill points for chaos.

Final Thoughts
What a blast. Really I don't think it could have come out better than it did. In all the campaign was a good time and I recommend everyone crack open their big rulebooks and give it a shot.

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