Friday, March 7, 2014

WHFRP: High Elven Mage

The most basic wizard you can field in a Warhammer Fantasy Battles High Elf army is the Mage, and so this seems the perfect jumping off point for the High Elf Project. The High Elf project is my effort to make High Elf characters in Fantasy Flight Game's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay a more interesting race to play.

High Elves are supposed to be the masters of all magic. It is by the efforts of their entire race that the world is kept from being plunged into Chaos. Elves taught magic to the human barbarians, establishing the first Colleges of Magic within the empire. In order to teach manipulation of the winds of magic to such a short lived race they had to simplify their knowledge.  In fact, human understanding of magic is a child's toy compared to High Magic, literally breaking down the complexities of spellcasting into a simplified color system.

New Class: High Elf Mage
Requirements: High Elf
Keywords: Academic, Arcane, Wizard, Basic

After a century of training elven mages are finally considered to have mastered the rudiments of spellcasting. Often a high elf mage are along with overseas diplomatic missions to help ensure their success or to advance the inscrutable agenda of their elven masters.

High Elf Mage Career Card: In addition to learning High Magic spells, the High Elf Mage may learn the spells of one other Order.  Choose the order when starting the career.  The High Elf Mage may swap order cards using the rules for swapping talents.

Primary Characteristics: Intelligence, Willpower
Career Skills: Channeling, Discipline, Education, Intuition, Magical Sight, Spellcraft
Talent Slots: Focus, Order

  • Action: 3
  • Talent: 1
  • Skill: 2
  • Fortune: 2
  • Conservative: 1
  • Reckless: 1
  • Wound: 1

New Talent: High Magic
Talent Type: Order
Description: Once per encounter you may add two black dice to the difficulty of any spell cast within medium range.
Stance: 2 Conservative, 2 Reckless

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