Saturday, March 8, 2014

WHFRP: High Elf Seer

Here are rules for playing a High Elf Seer in Fantasy Flight Game's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. These rules are unofficial and part of a personal project to make High Elves a more interesting character choice in the game.  The game itself is excellent and has a lot of support in the form of adventures, campaigns and additional rules.

As an homage to their futuristic counterparts the Eldar, this new high elf class concentrates on prophecy and visions of the future.  This is the second career on the High Elf Mage path. It continues in the tradition of the first career, but adds some mechanics that allow the player some manipulation of fortune dice.

Find the previous project entries here:

New Class: High Elf Seer
Requirements: Completed the High Elf Mage class.
Keywords: Academic, Arcane, Wizard, Intermediate

The incidence of High Elves gifted with the power of foresight is greater than any of the other races.  Elven mages in particular, with their frequent contact with the winds of magic, often receive visions of the future, though the meaning of these visions if often difficult to decipher.

Elven society values this ability and nurtures it when it is discovered. Powerful prophetic visions usually signal the coming of a great calamity and elven expeditions are frequently sent the world over to manipulate events to see that these prophecies are fulfilled or thwarted.

High Elf Mage Career Card: Each of the player's spells gain the following: Two Boons - Choose another character in medium range and choose whether to add one fortune die or one misfortune die to their next roll.

Primary Characteristics: Intelligence, Willpower
Career Skills: Channeling, Discipline, Education, Intuition, Observation, Magical Sight, Spellcraft
Talent Slots: Focus, Focus, Order
  • Action: 2
  • Talent: 2
  • Skill: 3
  • Fortune: 2
  • Conservative: 1
  • Reckless: 0
  • Wound: 1
New Talent: Prophecy
Talent Type: Focus
Description: Once per session, before a character within medium range of you makes a roll guess if they will succeed or fail.  If you are correct add two boons to their roll.

Stance: 2 Conservative, 2 Reckless

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