Monday, January 25, 2010

WIP: Space Marine Razorback

I've been itching to start up a proper space marine army even before the new codex came out. My ideal marine army would support being fielded using any of the alternate codices as well. Depending on my mood I'd like to be able to field Ravenwing, Space Wolves, Salamanders, or Blood Angels. I figure the best way to do this is to have a strong set of core units and models converted and painted up as a chapter of my own design. A couple special models from each codex will make whatever rules I'm using at the time recognizable to my opponent. To that end I've put together a razorback that has been lying around in pieces.

One of my goals is to make my army look different from standard space marines. For the razorback this means a bunch of little conversions like the whip antenna on the side and open side doors with arches. I also built up a custom assault cannon sponson using the ravenwing accessory sprue. I'm pretty happy with the results.

All the weapon ports and exhaust pipes have been drilled out. The dozer blade and hunter killer missile are magnetized to make the model more or less expensive pointswise, depending on the mission. I'm pretty happy with the little arches. I used posterboard to make them and I think that they would have come out better if I had gone the extra mile and used plasticard. For the dozer blade I did end up having to add support for a third magnet to keep the blade from drooping and dragging on the ground.

At this point the model has been primed and base coated, but we'll leave pics of that for another post

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