Monday, March 14, 2016

A New Thing:

So I've got a new endeavor going.  I've launched a webstore for selling used miniatures called

I've been collecting miniature for more than twenty years.  At this point that's well over half my my time on this planet.  I love miniatures and the games we play with them and I fully realize how expensive the hobby can be. I'm sure there were years where I spent a few thousand dollars on miniatures.

The second hand market for miniatures is huge. Just go look at the listings for Warhammer 40K on Ebay. I've certainly bought my share of miniatures via auction. I've also lost enough auctions and received enough weird things from random ebayers that I'm kind of turned off by the whole thing. I want the surety of knowing what I'm going to get and that I'm actually going to get it.  I suspect I'm not alone.

HalfPriceMinis is a store with cheap, usually used, miniatures. No muss, no fuss. Just click, checkout and its yours.  No waiting for auctions to end, getting into bidding wars or getting something you didn't expect. We won't try to trick you. We just want to get these miniatures to people who are going to love them and play games with them.

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