Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Cygnar Collection

I thought I'd take a break from my painting updates to showcase my Cygnar army.  It's the faction I chose when I first started playing Warmachine. It is the largest in part because it has had the most time to grow, but mainly because I still have a soft spot for it in my heart and end up adding the occasional model her and there even though I don't really need it.

Here are my warcasters. From right to left: Caine, Kraye, Haley, Sloan and Junior. I'm most happy with the Sloan model.  I really like the conversion to her aiming her rifle rather than holding it up in the air like a drum major. I've also realized upon taking this picture that Caine needs some touch up work, especially on his face. Dude looks like he's wearing a mask.

Here are the heavy warjacks. Again from right to left: centurion, stormclad, defender. I think the defender is my favorite jack by far. Not because his rules are necessarily awesome, but because I love lobbing cannonballs downrange and the idea of robot-brain-killing-hammer.

And the light warjacks.  We've got a charger, hunter, firefly and sentinel. You'll usually find the hunter being run by the journeyman warcaster and some mix of the others running around causing problems where they can. I like to field them even though they're probably not the best choice given that the warcasters I run are happiest when they're keeping their focus to themselves.

And all my gun mages. There's two units of regualar gun mages in there with their officers.  Also along for the ride are two gun mage captain adepts and the Black 13th.  Gun mages are my favorite of all the various Cygnar units.  Having almost 20 of them in various flavors on the board puts a lot of tools in my swiss army knife.

I've also got a few random solos.  Three stormcallers, Arlan Strangeways and a storm strider.

And here's my pile of unpainted miniatures.  There's Nemo, a couple squads of long gunners, a unit of stormguard, a range squad, Thunderhead, a second sentinel, an ironclad and Captain Darius with his halfjacks. Someday I'll get all these guys painted up, either through my own efforts or by farming the job out to a miniatures painting service. Blue Table Painting has already handled a fair bit of the army, but I'm open to doing some research and seeing if I can find someone else to do the remainder.

I'd love to have an excuse to add to the army. I like the rules on the minuteman light jacks and I've always wanted to throw down a cyclone heavy. Some sword knights would let me field the theme force for Darius. Of course adding in a stormwall colossal would be fantastic.  The work of an obsessive collector is never done.

Sadly, the army hasn't seen the tabletop in years. Some of the painted units like the firefly and storm strider have never seen action. I really want to be able to write a resolution that I'll get them into combat soon but I think that would just be empty words. C'est la vie, I suppose.  Someday.

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